Joining Menus4ALL

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Adding Your Menu

Congrats for making a decision to join the 50,000 restaurants who are now offering the 30 million people in the US with vision limitations a crazy easy way to read your menu.  They will love you for it.

How it Works

We import your menu from your website into our system and you provide us with one image. You menus is displayed in our fully ADA / WCAG 2.0 compliant menu template. We scan your site’s menu page for edits and then update your Menus4ALL version of your menu.  We recommended adding an invisible link to this menu from your site. If you a franchise owner then give a call and we can review using an API to bring in multiple menus to support regional pricing and providing a enhance menu templates with to provide ingredients and calories information.

You can promote this service in a number of other ways so that family and friends of folks who use Menus4ALL are aware too. We have several options:

  • – Small Menus Stickers
  • – Coasters
  • – Front Door or Window Sticker
  • – Table Toppers

The Cost

Pricing starts as low as $10 a month per physical restaurant location with a 1-year contract. For businesses with multiple locations, the full cost may be tax-deductible (IRS Form #8826).

Making a Difference

We are making ADA menu compliance simple and affordable for restaurants owners. By using Menus4ALL together you can help us work towards another goal of hiring unemployed professionals with visual limitations. Taking a small bite out of their 70% national unemployment rate. And remember everyone can use our menus on any phone or tablet that has WIFI. So think about ditching those paper menus someday.

Fill out this form and let’s set up a meeting to get started.