514 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02145

Salads and Soup

  • 1. FALL GREENS SALAD - mixed greens, pecorino, sherry vinaigrette, pepitas- served grilled or raw - PRICE $6.00
  • 2. SOUP OF THE DAY - please call to inquire about our daily offering - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 3. FREGOLA SARDA SALAD - white beans, herbs, roasted citrus, charred citrus vinaigrette, feta - PRICE $5.00


  • 1. BREAKFAST SANDWICH - two fried eggs, gruyere, sriracha aioli - PRICE $6.00
  • 2. FALL MUSHROOM SANDWICH - hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms, taleggio, kale chips, on pressed whole wheat - PRICE $11.00
  • 3. MAPLE AND MISO ROASTED SQUASH SANDWICH - black pepper ricotta, brussels slaw, orange vinaigrette - PRICE $11.00
  • 4. PORCHETTA SANDWICH - Our specialty! Accompaniment changes daily - PRICE $11.00
  • 5. FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH - apple rosemary puree, 2 year grafton cheddar, arugula - PRICE $11.00
  • 6. MILK BRAISED LAMB SANDWICH - fried pickled fennel and shallots, herb salad - PRICE $12.00
  • 7. GRILLED FLANK STEAK SANDWICH - grilled onions, calabrian chili aioli, bibb lettuce, oregano vinaigrette - PRICE $12.00


  • 2. GRILLED BROCCOLI RABE - lemon and olive oil, roasted garlic, herb and parmesan breadcrumbs - PRICE $5.00
  • 3. CRUSHED FRIED POTATOES - jalapeno, gorgonzola, EVOO or bravas style - PRICE $5.00

Catering Info

  • 1. PENNYPACKER'S OFFERS CATERING FOR ANY PARTY, CORPORATE LUNCH, OR PRIVATE FUNCTION. - Nothing is too big or small, and nothing is too simple or too sophisticated. We can bring our truck to you, or cook and cater on-site. All menus are customized to meet both personal taste and dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 2. WE PREPARE ANYTHING FROM OUR TRUCK MENUS, WHICH INCLUDES SOUPS, SALADS AND SANDWICHES, AS WELL AS HIGH-END FINE DINING FOR FORMAL EVENTS. - We have provided our services for weddings, rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties, corporate meetings and more! We also offer affordable options for corporate lunches, which we freshly prepare and deliver at your convenience - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.

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