Original Soul Vegetarian

Original Soul Vegetarian

203 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60619


  • 1. BBQ PROTEIN TIDBITS - Packed with protein and wholesome goodness, nothing beats the lasting taste of good ole' barbecue - PRICE $6.00
  • 2. BATTERED TOFU TIDBITS - Dip it in your favorite sauce. Fingers fancy fabulous Tofu Bite for feasting - PRICE $6.50
  • 4. BATTERED CAULIFLOWER - Battered cauliflower, battered mushrooms? Decisions - PRICE $6.00
  • 5. FRESH CUT FRIES - PRICE $2.50
  • 6. SEASONED FRIES - Fancy fries before your eyes! Cooked with the skin to give you nutria -shin, Eat with a fork or eat with your hand - PRICE $3.50
  • 7. BATTERED ONION RINGS - Rings around the rosy pocket full of onion rings. Actually we serve them in a basket. Try these mouth watering, golden, crispy sweet onions seasoned to perfection - PRICE $4.00
  • 8. BUFFALO TOFU WINGZ - Tofu Wingz served with spicy buffalo sauce celery sticks with vegan bleu cheese for dipping - PRICE $8.50
  • 9. NACHOS-N-CHEESE - Usher in your meal with this corn chip and cheese alternative. If has just enough HEAT or NOT to satisfy your cravings - PRICE $7.00


  • 1. HOUSE SPECIAL - Named after its creator, this special dish unites the lightly seasoned vegetables and fluffy brown rice surrounded by a bed battered tofu, topped with grilled onions and tomatoes. Um! Um! Good! - PRICE $10.00
  • 2. NOODLE STIR KAI - A stir fry sensation created with noodles, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled onions and mushrooms, with a hint of sesame oil and ginger spice. Sure to stir up your taste buds! - PRICE $9.00
  • 3. STIR FRIED VEGETABLES - United to created the perfect combination is a plate of seasoned vegetables lightly glazed with olive oil and stir fried with natural brown rice. Makes mouths happy and hearts healthy - PRICE $6.50
  • 4. DOWN HOME GREENS - A delight for the mind, body and spirit. Tender kale or collard greens topped with onions, cooked to perfection, seasoned just right, will keep you coming back for more. Your mouth will smile and your body will thank you for this delicious treat. Served with fresh cornbread and a warm smile - PRICE $5.50


  • 1. BATTERED MUSHROOMS - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 2. BATTERED CAULIFLOWER - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 3. BATTERED TOFU - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 4. BATTERED STEAK - PRICE - Ask your waiter about the price of this item.
  • 5. COMBINATION BASKET - Any three battered items listed above - PRICE $12.00


  • 1. BBQ TWIST PLATTER - Serve on a bed of lettuce and served with our famous hand-cut Hebrew fries and a small garden salad with your choice of dressing. It's the same great Southern taste of BBQ in our Down South Twist Sandwich, just more of it! - PRICE $12.50
  • 2. FALAFEL PLATTER - Enjoy this cultural favorite of 6 Falafel Balls served on a beautiful arrangement of green lettuce and crunchy cucumbers, served with a special sauce, warm pita bread and a small Mid-Eastern Salad - PRICE $10.00

Side Orders

  • 1. ANY SIDE ORDER - PRICE $5.00
  • 2. BROWN RICE - PRICE $3.50
  • 3. CORN BREAD - PRICE $1.25
  • 4. PITA BREAD - PRICE $1.15

Soup or Salad

  • 1. SOUP OF THE DAY - PRICE $3.50
  • 2. GARDEN SALAD - PRICE $3.50
  • 4. SALAD BAR - Try a SVR Salad Bar consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, purple cabbage and your choice of three scoops of tofu salad or carrot supreme salad or a mixture of both! - PRICE $12.00
  • 5. CHEF SALAD - Crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, crowned with seasoned tofu strips, tossed with our signature vinaigrette dressing - PRICE $11.00
  • 6. CHIK'N SALAD - Chik'n Salad is served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce along with dried cranberries, walnuts, and crunchy croutons - PRICE $12.50

Salad Dressings


Lunch Time

  • 1. PRINCE'S PLATTER (LUNCHEON SPECIAL) - Got a minute? Treat yourself to a hearty protein entrée seasoned with only the finest of spices served with a nutritious and delicious vegetable. This lovely lunchtime feast comes complete with live garden salad topped with the dressing of your choice - PRICE $9.50
  • 2. STEAMED VEGGIES (SERVED WITH GARLIC SAUCE) - Envision it. Your plate is arriving. There is a cloud of steam hovering, above from your food on the plate; carrying with it the alluring scent of vegetables steaming with the taste of nature and seasonings. Choose sides of steamed vegetable choice of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or purple cabbage - PRICE $8.50


  • 1. THE DINNER SPECIAL - The evening meal becomes the special creation of the Soul Vegetarian food preparer to be announced daily by the host or hostess completed with a bowl of hot soup or a plate of fresh salad - PRICE $11.50
  • 2. SUNDAY SUPPER - The Sunday supper starts off with the freshness of a green garden salad topped with dressing followed by the savor of a protein entree complimented by fresh seasonal vegetables, our famous greens and the familiar sweetness of a home-made dessert - PRICE $13.50


  • 1. BLACK EYE PEA BURGER - Treat yourself to this burger with a twist. This sandwich actually has onion rings on top, followed by soy cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard and ketchup and is served on sliced rye bread that's so fine, it's Divine! - PRICE $7.75
  • 2. BREADED TOFU SANDWICH - Filet of tofu anyone? Fresh tofu dipped in tamari sauce, battered, in our special seasoned corn meal and served on a whole wheat bun our special tartar sauce - PRICE $6.75
  • 3. HANDBURGER - It's more than a handful! Prepared with ground lentils, basil and oregano. Served on a whole wheat bun garnished with ketchup, mustard and lettuce - PRICE $6.75
  • 4. CARROT SUPREME - Experience the popular Supreme creation that harmonizes the natural sweetness of carrots with a special blend garden fresh vegetables and spices for a taste that's sure to be a hit! - PRICE $6.75
  • 5. SLOPPY JOE - Did you ever imagine this favorite comfort sammie making a vegan debut?! The magic of seitan appears before you on a whole wheat bun with pickles by its side - PRICE $7.25
  • 6. EAST COAST BBQ ROAST SANDWICH - From Noah to South to the Bast to the West, East Coast Roast is still the best! With a mouth watering taste you're sure to savor and the special BBQ sauce for that fanciful flavor - PRICE $7.25
  • 7. DOWN-SOUTH BBQ TWIST SANDWICH (NOTE: CONTAINS PEANUTS) - The irresistible taste of BBQ'd protein, served with garnishes on a bun with a unique shape that makes eating it all the more fun. Good eating is what its all about. Great ready mouth cause this twist will make you shout! - PRICE $7.75
  • 8. GARVEY BURGER - This SVR original has a taste that will make you do an "about-face" This burger is made with TVP and served on a whole wheat bun, is accented with grilled onions and mushrooms, mustard and our homemade BBQ sauce - PRICE $7.25
  • 9. VEGGIE GYROS - Close your eyes and journey into the Mediterranean as your teeth sink into this indescribably scrumptious and completely vegetarian cultural delicacy. Made with seitan, scud on whole wheat pita, topped with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and cucumber dressing - PRICE $7.25
  • 10. FALAFEL - A traditional Mediterranean dish made from chickpeas seasoned with an array of herbs and spices. Now complimented by our on special tahini sauce - PRICE $7.25
  • 11. JERKFU WRAP - A Caribbean delight for the Cajun palate made With sauteed onions, bell peppers and our specially seasoned jerk tofu, wrapped in a spinach tortilla - PRICE $7.75
  • 12. GRILLED VEGGIE WRAP - A colorful, veggie delight of red, preen, yellow & orange peppers, joined on the grill by onions and tomatoes. This grilled veggie delight comes wrapped in a spinach - PRICE $7.75
  • 13. GRILLED PORTABELLA - Marinated in our own vegan Au Jus, then grilled, this special mushroom is served on a whole wheat bun, flanked by grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and soy cheese - PRICE $9.25


  • 1. SOY ICE CREAM - Made fresh daily by one of the world's best Soy Ice Cream maker's, treat yourself to a deliciously healthy, rich and savory ice cream delight. The flavor changes daily, but the great taste you're expecting never changes! - PRICE $2.00
  • 2. FRUIT SUNDAE - Ice Cream of the day with fresh seasonal fruit with agave syrup topped with nuts - PRICE $5.75
  • 3. SOUL VEGETARIAN PIES - Apple Pie, Peach Pie, Sweet Potato Pie - PRICE $4.75
  • 4. ASSORTMENT OF VEGAN CAKES AND PIES - Coconut Cake, Lemon Cake, Pineapple Cake, Caramel Cake, Carob Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Carob Silk Pie, Coconut Creme Pie - PRICE $7.25
  • 5. CUP OF TEA - Red Zinger, Peppermint, or Lemon Zinger - PRICE $1.50


  • 1. RIGHTEOUS SIDE OF THE BED BREAKFAST SPECIAL (SATURDAY) - Walk up on the righteous side of the bed this morning! Served for your dining pleasure is our one of a kind Hebrew toast or pancakes, grits or hash browns, scrambled tofu and sausage. Event healthy bite gives you energy to start your day of righteous! - PRICE $10.00
  • 2. BREAKFAST SUNDAY'S CAMEO - Feast your eyes on mouth watering pancakes or light and fluffy biscuits, topped with fresh fruit or the wed savor of real maple syrup with a side order of scrambled loft, sausage and down-home grits or hash-browns. So popular and in demand this Soul Vegetarian Cameo makes a special appearance once a week! - PRICE $10.00
  • 3. SUNRISE SANDWICH - A wonderful way to start any day, this scrumptious "finger food" provides energy to really get you going. Scrambled loft, a sausage patty and ripe tomato on Hebrew Toast. Perfect for those who are on the go! - PRICE $6.50

Side Dishes

  • 1. PANCAKES - Always a breakfast, favorite, try a nice fluffy stack of whole wheat pancakes topped with a cascade of nature's finest maple syrup - PRICE $3.50
  • 2. SCRAMBLED TOFU - Flavor inspired by onions, basil, garlic and tamari sauce, enjoy this egg alternative minus the cholesterol but with double the taste! - PRICE $5.00
  • 3. BREAKFAST PATTIES - Savor the flavor of our tasty breakfast sausage. A unique blend of TVP and couscous and spices. Sausage never tasted this good or was this good for you! - PRICE $3.00
  • 4. HOMESTYLE GRITS - Welcome home! Try our homestyle grits, made just the way that you like them - PRICE $2.00
  • 5. WHOLE WHEAT TOAST - Wave it light, medium, or burnt (smile) served with your selection of syrup - PRICE $1.50
  • 6. HEBREW TOAST - Savor the taste of this breakfast delight, a cholesterol alternative to French Toast sprinkled with a little cinnamon and a lot of Love! - PRICE $3.50
  • 7. BISCUITS - Delicious and nutritious homemade, light and fluffy biscuits - PRICE $4.00
  • 8. HEAVENLY HASH BROWNS - You'll find heaven in even bite of delicious fried hash browns with grilled onions - PRICE $2.50

Hot Platters

  • 1. BBQ TWIST PLATTER - Vegan barbecue made with seitan and our homemade BBQ Sauce Contains Peanuts - PRICE $80.00
  • 2. BREADED TOFU NUGGET PLATTER - Breaded tofu with vegan tartar sauce - PRICE $55.00
  • 3. BATTERED SAMPLER PLATTER - Portions of battered steak (seitan), battered cauliflower, battered mushrooms, red battered tofu - PRICE $65.00
  • 4. FALAFEL PLATTER - An array of falafel balls (chickpeas) with special cucumber/tahini sauce, pita bread, and Middle Eastern salad - PRICE $55.00
  • 5. BUFFALO TOFU PLATTER - Buffalo tofu served with vegan bleu cheese and celery sticks - PRICE $82.50

Cold platters

  • 2. HUMMUS - Topped olive oil and chopped sundried tomatoes - PRICE $10.00
  • 3. CARROT SALAD - Our own Carrot tuna served with assorted crackers - PRICE $9.50
  • 4. NUT LOAF - Walnuts, almond, sunflower seed - PRICE $20.00
  • 5. FRESH VEGETABLE MEDLEY PLATTER - Carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower with creamy garlic dressing - PRICE $60.00
  • 6. FRUITOPIA - Seasonal fresh fruit tray served with special tahini sauce - PRICE $45.00


  • 1. KALE SALAD - Raw shredded kale with fresh tomatoes, onions, and spices to create a unique savory flavor - PRICE $7.50
  • 2. CARROT SUPREME - Carrot pulp seasoned with a hint of sweet relish and vegetables - PRICE $7.50
  • 3. EGGLESS SALAD - The smart alternative to the "egg salad" made with tofu, seasoning and vegetables - PRICE $7.50
  • 4. PASTA SALAD - Pasta swirls, delicately cooked and seasoned with olive oil, vegetables and olives - PRICE $7.50
  • 5. POTATO SALAD - Organic potatoes, mixed with relish, specialty sauce and fresh vegetables - PRICE $7.50
  • 6. LIVE GARDEN SALAD - Fresh romaine lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, tomato and sprouts served with your choice of dressing - Prince, Cucumber or Creamy Garlic - PRICE $7.50


  • 1. VEGAN ROAST (SEITAN) - With gravy - PRICE $57.50
  • 2. VEGAN STUFFED ROAST - Seitan stuffed with cornbread dressing served with gravy and cranberry sauce - PRICE $75.00
  • 3. CORNBREAD STUFFING - Delicately done with vegetables and spices - PRICE $42.50
  • 4. KALE GREENS - Creatively seasoned with special spices. Served with fresh tomatoes and onions - PRICE $50.00

Classic Entrees

  • 1. VEGAN SOUTHERN STYLE - Macaroni and Cheese - PRICE $65.00
  • 2. VEGAN LASAGNA - Layered with deliciously flavored Vegetable protein and our famous soy cheese - PRICE $65.00
  • 3. VEGAN TOFU SPINACH QUICHE - Tofu and spinach seasoned and baked in a perfectly flaky vegan crust - PRICE $55.00

Specialty Orders

  • 1. NOODLE STIR KAI - Wheat noodles, spinach, sundried tomatoes, onion and mushrooms with sesame oil and hint of ginger - PRICE $40.00
  • 2. STIR FRY VEGETABLES - Seasoned vegetables lightly glazed with olive oil mixed with brown rice seasoned with a mixture of spices and soy sauce - PRICE $40.00
  • 3. HOUSE SPECIAL - Seasoned vegetables mixed with brown rice surrounded by a battered tofu bites, topped with grilled onions - PRICE $55.00

Dinner Specials

  • 1. VEGAN ROAST WITH GRAVY - Cornbread stuffing, kala greens, mac & cheese, and apple pie - PRICE $35.00
  • 2. BREADED CHIK'N - Mashed potatoes, gravy, grilled spinach with garlic and mushrooms - PRICE $22.00


  • 1. APPLE PIE - PRICE $37.50
  • 3. PEACH COBBLER - PRICE $35.00
  • 4. SWEET POTATO PIE - PRICE $34.00

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